Being an entrepreneur and having lots of experience in marketing as I have to boost my business, I came to help people by bringing the concept about Digital Marketing under one frame and how they can boost their products in market through Digital Marketing
Basically  Digital Marketing in simple words is Online Marketing of products or services in digital world or using electronic devices and it has various types which includes
  • Pay Per Click Advertising or SEM(Search Engine Marketing)
  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Phone Marketing
and so on

Search Engine Marketing or PPC(Pay Per Click) Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

It is actually associated with Google Adwards and Bing ads, in this marketing search engine charge the company when his advertisements are clicked. Website owner displays the advertisement,banner adds  of the company with the related content and advertisement appear on the news feed of the company's target audiences.
One example of Search Engine Marketing is PPC


                                    Search Engine Optimization
This type of marketing strategy increases the online visibility of website in Search Engine Results by working on keywords and content entered by users on search engine or in other words it helps you in increasing the organic traffic because the more you appear higher on Search Engine Result Page the more active customers you get.
It includes On-page and Off-page SEO,On-page SEO includes the steps you take on your own website to boost your SEO. Off-page SEO includes relationships you make and actions you take outside of your website to boost SEO.


Email Marketing

Email marketing focuses on the specific audiences ,in which you keep your subscribers or target audiences updated about your product or business by sending them emails.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is more of a earned media in which you can gain haters and believers all in one frame and also focuses on feedback for the improvements of your product or service.Whatever you post on social media channels for boosting your product is Social Media Marketing.Famous platforms for doing the social media marketing are FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter etc.
More quality content you post,the more you get the audiences.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is about uploading the quality content and frequent content on the social media channels which can glue in the audiences so that you get more traffic and It's not only about sale it is about keeping your audiences intact on your channel.


Mobile Phone Marketing

SMS Marketing is the best example of Mobile Phone Marketing in which you can send SMS to your customers or audiences and prompt them about the updates of your business or product,this type of marketing can be done locally.

So,Digital Marketing have made marketing easy as  you can also see the outcomes from various marketing strategies at once through various tools such as Google Analytics and can plan improvements and further goals as per the results.
Hope this blog helps many newcomers .Cheers 😊
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