Cross Platform testing is performed to check your website or mobile application's behavior on different platforms and environment

Multi platform testing is a very important phase of quality assurance and is also known as cross-platform testing is performed to determine the behavior of your application and website in different environment .

There are tools that helps in testing websites on multiple browsers on different channels systems. There is no need of installing Virtual machines or emulators. Below is the list of the tools:

1. Responsinator

Responsinator is free tool to use for testing the responsiveness of your websites design. It allows you to test web design under(iPhone 5 portrait · width: 320px, iPhone 5 landscape · width: 568px, iPhone 6 portrait · width: 375px, iPhone 6 landscape · width: 667px, iPhone 6 Plump portrait · width: 414px, iPhone 6 Plump landscape · width: 736px, Crappy Android portrait · width: 240px, Crappy Android landscape · width: 320px, Android (Nexus 4) portrait · width: 384px, Android (Nexus 4) landscape · width: 600px, iPad portrait · width: 768px, iPad landscape · width: 1024px)

2. Broswerstack

Broswerstack is a cloud website and mobile testing tool which checks the behavior of your website and mobile applications on multiple  screen resolutions Browser stack is a web service that allows professionals to test their sites and mobile applications on across on-demand browsers, operating systems and real mobile devices, without requiring users to install emulators and Virtual machines.


  • It  has a free trail (30 minute trial of live testing time and 100 minutes of automation testing time) but no free plans.
  • Speed of the tool is comparatively slow.

3. Pingdom

Pingdom tool offers free of cost variety of services , monitors how the user experiences the website and where they might find potential hiccups.It makes your website faster which is most important factor of testing by helping in monitoring  your website’s load time, performance, and make your website better for end-user-experience.

4. Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs tool is one of the leaders in the automation testing of cross browser market  ,It provides selenium based cloud solution for automation testing problems ,is certainly very helpful and it has the best User Interface for automation testing .


  • Speed is the issue ,which makes the user frustrated
  • No free plans.(19$ for 1 concurrent session)

5. Browserling

Browserling is a  multi platform testing tool which offers various range from most versions of Internet explorer ,Chrome,Opera,Safari and Firefox , Operating System ranges from Windows XP , Windows Vista, and Windows 8.1 and  Android Mobile is also available. You can also capture screenshots,it uses SSH Tunnels for local testing and API.


  • Limited 3-minute sessions with Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 7 and 1024x768 resolution only

6. Katalon

Katalon is a free comprehensive solution of automation testing that provides complete set of features for implementation of automation testing for Mobile,API and Web. This software is build on the top notch framework of Selenium and Appium

7. Functionize

Functionize is a cloud based platform that create tests quickly (without scripts), execute multiple tests across any number of browsers in minutes , and carry out in-depth analyses.It also allows browser testing to test a large number of browser-version-OS combinations simultaneously and it helps healing Selenium or browser based errors upfront.


  • It gives a free trial for experiencing autonomous testing platform but no free plans

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