Precaution is better than cure

The only thing that strikes our mind, when we see the world under the attack of invisible entity-CORONA, is self quarantine or self isolation.
I am in self isolation and during this period my mind takes leaps of 'ifs' and 'hows' , giving me jolts of anxiety. I was bound to stay home, not to party, not to meet friends, no socializing to avoid the spread of virus. I usually woke up to an avalanche of fears of what might happen next. During the period of social distancing, when mental health is at stake, it is crucial that we work on our psychological well-being. The thought that mental health cannot be overlooked, ignited life in me to think about healthy ways to spend quarantine time.
Here are a few ways to stand out and face COVID-19 quarantine challenges 

Listen to reliable news

Restrict yourself to reliable news of COVID-19 pandemic. Avoid listening to personal experiences if they give you a nerve wrecking experience. Say no to social media updates.

Plan smartly

Quarantine can be a memorable time if you plan things well. Jolt down your necessities and shop smartly. Keep yourself at ease and Don't stock needlessly.

Always have Plan'B' in life 

Life never go as you plan. To avoid the panic, always plan possibilities. Having plan B and C in life will never bring things to halt. In kitchen, if short of spices, plan beforehand what else to cook. You are never at the end of possibilities. Try it!

Kill your 'inside COVID-19 detective'

This detective will hardly give you anything good. Don't wander for fearmongering social media posts for awareness. Always fact-check before handing over the burning ball to other person.

Electronic socializing 

Missing your pals n siblings? Use social media to stay connected. You may be miles away, but you can still stay in touch with your loved ones. Remember, social distancing is for your good


Exercise reduces level of stress hormones by releasing neurotransmitters(that are known as mood elevators or happiness hormones). Breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, swimming will give you a kick start in your life. Incorporate them in your daily regime to feel good.

Better lifestyle

Track your lifestyle. Sit back and think what you need to do and what needs to be omitted from your life whether it's a habit, a food you crave for, routine that is not a health booster. It's time to change the way you live because in the end it's health that matters.

Set a routine

Set a timetable for everything you do. Structure your day, assign time for each task be it watching a movie for having a Skype chat with your pal. Remember to switch tasks to avoid boredom.

Learn new skills

Declutter your thoughts to reach to something that you loved doing once, but never got time to learn. Utilize this time to learn something for your own good. Gardening, aerobics, baking, yoga, painting. Whatever makes you happy, you have plenty of time to learn.

Exercise hobbies

Tough schedules never let us exercise hobbies to the fullest. Encash the time and spend your energy in doing it. Come up with something that inspires others. Be a model for others to follow.


We are surely in the era when we are realizing that strong immune system thrives the best in pandemic. When you learn something from your experience, bring it in black and white. Keep it as a memory for your young ones to ponder. An autobiography in quarantine days won't be a bad choice.


Online programs were always at the doorstep to plunge into. Jump into one. Do online courses, polish your skills and give spark to your resume.

Turn house into home

If the family time is missing, you haven't yet turned your house into home. Give time to your family. Talk to them, eat with them, cherish the moments. It's all that matters.


Focus on what is in your control. Work on your self-care, personal hygiene, clean eating, family time, fitness, mental health-you have a lot to do. Prioritize things in your life and learn to see the bounties of Almighty

Spiritual connection

Cherish your blessings and rekindle a spiritual connection. There is ease and comfort in spirituality.

Keep calm

It's alright to feel fearful, anxious or upset. There is no right way to feel during uncertain times. If pandemic was end of the world, we would not have existed today. Don't panic.

Time flies, it's up to you to be the navigator. Encash the Quarantine time before you regret you had it once. Stay safe, live smartly.

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