From being nursed to nursing,
From being cuddled to cuddling,
From being heard to listening,
Life takes a big leap,
From being a KID to become a PARENT. 

Parenting Guide

Parenting, a mixed emotional relation of happiness and stress, is a milestone to achieve. It demands great effort and energy to be utilized in the right direction.
A parent for the first time or a parent for two (or may be more) is yet another topic to unfold, but to PARENT a KID is a job to have which needs to be done in the best possible way. There's nothing like Perfect Parenting, but Happy Family does exist and u too can have one.
It is a full time job which demands affection, love, sentiments towards a child in which you will be a caretaker, nurse, teacher, driver, and most of all the role model for your child with also some rainy days in it but at the end of the day it is all worth it.All you aim for is the best of your children and to raise them in a better human being by providing them with the best of every thing.
Here i ll give you some tips about "BETTER WAY OF PARENTING" to give a happy boost to your parenting.

1. You are blessed

Kids are a blessing and you are blessed to cherish the bountiful moments from Almighty. Live every moment to the fullest!

2. Don't be stressed 

Do what makes you happy. Kids don't need perfect parents, but they do need happy ones. Be happy!

3. Be yourself

Every kid is different and you know your child the best. Don't follow any one blindly. Move smartly trusting your parental instinct.

4. Be comfortable

Being at ease will help to spread calmness around your family and make your child content.

 5. Don't compare kids 

Kids grow at their own pace. Teach your kids to do the best of their ability and not to follow others. Let the individuality take its charm.Otherwise it may also lead to feeling of inferiority or complexity.

6. Set priorities

Children are not a distraction, they are important. Setting priorities will stop the running hurricane of thoughts in your mind. Plan your day and prioritize accordingly.

7. Cuddle 'n' listen

Loving embrace and an ear to hear is all what a soul needs. Cuddle your kid and listen to him for strengthening the Parent-Kid Bond.

8. Don't be bossy 

Let your child see a friend in you to let them share their happy n troublesome moments. Show them love rather than bitterness of the world.

 9. Act more speak less

Your kids are watching you. Don't worry if they are not listening to you because you are becoming their memory. Don't expect your child to become what you can not be.

10. Feed well

A well nourished body responds well. Balanced diet is essential for a happy, yet a less irritable kid.

11. Seek right help

There are times when you feel low and looking after kids seems a tough knock too. Don't panic! Seek help from your loved 'n' trusted ones for baby sitting your kids, and not to forget your 'chores' too.

12. Trust your partner

You and your partner are in the same boat- Parenting. Trust your partner for your kids' decisions from tip to toe. Remember, healthy discussion is the key!

13. 'Me Time' 

Treat yourself with anything that makes you happy before feeling exhausted. Be fresh and energetic to parent your kid.

14. 'Family Time' 

Sit together and have a heart to heart talk with your kids because when you connect, you strengthen the family ties i.e. surely a significant step towards building trust and ligature.

15. Setting Rules

Tie a rope of well defined family rules to help your child learn the importance of rules in social life too. Make sure you are a true model for your kid to follow. Remember, you are raising a human to be progressive in the best possible way.

16. Rewards

Who doesn't like being praised and rewarded. Reward your kid, be it a tap on shoulder, a warm hug or a present sometime. Encourage them to be the best version of their being.

Parenting has a charm in itself. Its up to you whether to enjoy your little improved versions or may be saddened at the sight of your distorted versions. Happy Parenting ! 


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