How to Know that You have Anxiety? Answer to this question is a key to unlock the door of happy life.


Most people don't realize that they are stressed because they have had it all of their life and thought it was normal. It does resemble fear and anxiousness, but you know what you are afraid of while anxiety is less specific. I am one of those people who have experienced it. Thanks to my life partner to help me figure it out.
I had severe anxiety and I just hate having to fight my own mind, but there's always a positive thing for A BULK OF NEGATIVITY. We are all normal and humans, no one should have to judge us,but people do judge and it hurts. Right?
It's very easy to ask 'what's the stress about?' and even more convenient to tell people in one sentence, 'don't take stress and relax'. Being depressed is actually not as easy as it is to be heard.
NOW it's time to jolt yourself to know that what you have been going through is not normal and you to have right to live peacefully

Here i'll help you to target the symptoms of being stressed and getting rid of them.

Anxiety Symptoms

  • Storms that refuse to calm 
  • Headaches that refuse to go away
  • Body pains that refuse to get cured
  • Anger that refuses to settle
  • Irritability that refuses to soothe 
  • Lack of energy that refuse to boost 
  • Fears that refuse to fade
  • Jumbled up thoughts that refuse to unfold 
  • Worse situations that refuse to fit you in 
  • Discomfort that refuses to make you social 
  • Body weight that refuses to gain 
  • Hair fall that refuses to stop 
  • Insomnia that refuses to leave 
  • Attire that refuses to impress 
  • Everyday activities that refuse to seem easy 

Fight the Symptoms 

Below tips can help you to get over your anxiety and give you a stressed free life.

Wake up early

 You might be going through insomnia, but nobody can help you unless you do it for yourself wholeheartedly. Wake up early. Let the body release hormones to make you feel better.

A kick start 

Relaxation is important for anxiety reduction. Use relaxation techniques, such as: breathing techniques, physical relaxation, meditation,yoga.

Old satisfaction goals

 Recall what made you happy once be it writing, drawing,sketching, painting,reading, gardening, music, playing, shopping, hoteling. Trust me, it is a boost start.

Friends who listen 

It is extremely difficult to actually listen to the little details and sometimes pointless fears. Be in touch with your soul mate, your friend who listens. It helps unknot the knot of jumbled up thoughts. Speak your heart out.

Avoid triggers 

Triggers vary. Pinpoint them and take a start to avoid them. Triggers could be negative people spreading negative vibes, loneliness, lack of diet, untidy attire etc.

Self talk 

Avoid "negative self-talk" and replace it with "coping self-talk." Instead of thinking negative thoughts like, "I can't do this, it's just too hard, " change it to something more positive, like, "This is hard, but I can get through it."

Change of perspective

 It's your life so why let others spoil it. Seek professional help and change the way you think. Why slap yourself and hurt your being because of negativity around you. Be a fighter. You can do it.! 

Balanced diet 

Avoid junk, alcohol, tobacco, concentrated sugary edibles, fizzy drinks. Make sure you are treating your body with right nutrients in balance.


If you are religious or spiritual, this can give you a way of feeling connected to something bigger than yourself. Faith can provide a way of coping with everyday stress 

Fight with Anxiety

It is the time to stand against your Anxiety and stop being controlled by it. Nothing is impossible in this world. Don't Think too much that will create the problem that was not even there in the first place. Little help is required and you are all there.

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