HOW TO GET 100K YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS??? is the most asked question every youtuber is in search of and some are going on the right path to get the answer and succeed and others are only getting frustrated.

Every other person now a days is in search of shortcuts that from where to get the maximum subscribers on their YouTube channel. It's not the matter of one or two videos, you have to be consistent and patient as well and also provide valuable content to get the loyal audience, which forces people to come to your channel on regular basis. 

There is no particular science to get 100K subscribers, It all about your hard work and if you want millions of subscribers in few days for that you have to make a viral video to reach the target, and by viral I mean it should hit the Youtube headlines page , but still there are some key factors which should be kept in mind to reach the 100K subscribers which I have seen and experience and I am listing few of them which will surely help in hitting the market.


Don't rush, you don't have to give up by uploading few videos and hoping that some money will come, NO! many you tubers quit in this way ,you have to wait  and keep on uploading the videos with quality content on the particular day/time so your audience expect your video on that time and watch it.Most of the You Tubers you know who have lots of subscribers took many years to get to the level at which they are currently at.


Be versatile, don't keep the same topic of your upload,enhance your approach,diversify it by thinking out of the norm it might be music or fashion or science or even you yourself, but figure out what your glue is.There should be some attraction in your videos in other way which keeps the audience waiting ,for instance some giveaway contest at the end of the video or anything you feel will entertain the audience and stay them intact


No matter whatever topic you choose stay up-to-date in that ,if you are choosing politics upload most videos of the current affairs or if entertainment ,choose the most latest event for the video to be uploaded.

There are some people outside your YOUTUBE CHANNEL who are searching for ,talking about and aware of latest topics,try to grab that audience through your latest content.


First of all make your content worthy enough by using latest technologies while making videos that is high quality videos, make it short to get the user engaged so that other channels find it beneficial to get collaborated with your YOUTUBE CHANNEL .Bring outstanding ideas to the table and shake hands with other channels.

Don't think to be in biggest channels than yours, you would definitely miss out the chance to be on the top(It's all about LUCK) but size of the channel for the collaboration should not be your target.


Getting your channel approved by  AdSense is not an easy task ,you have to make sure there is No Copyrighted or repetitive content in your channel, No use of  slang words, No violence, More of a unique content to help the market benefit from your channel, No hidden links for site navigation, Organic traffic should be there on your channel.More detailed information can be seen in their policies section.

If your request  got approved, you will be having some commercials or ads before your video gets started, which thus pays you or if unfortunately it gets rejected there will be a reason for this in the email or in your Adsense account and after fixing the issues you can again apply for the approval.

I hope you will be a great Youtuber , getting millions of subscribers on your channel one day.



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