Moms are said to be half dietitians as they are always full of knowledge that what should their children have, what's good for them and why they should add it in their diets and they are always right.I have also heard the same from my mom and also follow her which have really helped me in keeping my diet balanced and healthy at the same time.

Fruits and Vegetables play a major role in our diet, they are astonishing source of major nutrients, minerals,vitamins and what not.But we prefer taking multivitamins to meet the needs of our body rather than going natural which also helps us lead the balanced lifestyle.
Nature has given fruits in every nook and corner of the world as per the need of the people in that region.

There are many health benefits of taking fruits in our daily life,such as it gives the cure of heart disease,diabetes,blood pressure,skin disease etc which we ignore , there must be more awareness to the health benefits which we can take from the fruits.

Everything should be taken in minimal amount,excessive of anything is not good.
Below are the list of fruits with their heavenly benefits.


  • It's iron rich fruit.
  • Ripe bananas(Brown) have high sugar content it should not be consumed by Type 2 diabetes patient where as they should go for  under ripe banana as it improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Brown bananas are rich source of antioxidants.
  • It regulates proper health of brain and heart as it is a rich source of potassium
  • It helps to prevent and  relieve constipation.


  • It helps in digestion being a rich source of fiber.
  • It manages blood sugar .
  • Excellent source of vitamin C,an antioxidant that helps in cell regeneration and boost heart health.

3. Fresh Coconut Water

Coconut Water
  • It's the rich source of Potassium and Magnesium.
  • It can be helpful in lowering blood pressure
  • Being high in magnesium it helps in increasing insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar.
  • It helps in preventing kidney stones
  • It lowers the cholesterol level

4. Grapefruit

  • Being rich source of vitamin C ,helps in reducing bad cholesterol and helps increasing good cholesterol.
  • Contain good amount of fiber which is good for diabetic patients.
  • It reduces urinary system problem  caused by liver and kidney.
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Good for skin.

5. Apple


  • It has such compounds and antioxidants which helps in fighting cancer
  • Rich source of fiber ,helps in weight loss.
  • Decrease absorption of bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol due to rich in fiber
  • The high soluble fiber in it helps in controlling blood sugar level
  • It helps in detoxifying your liver with the help of minerals ,vitamins and fibers in it
  • Due to its antioxidant compound It helps the asthma patients
  • It aids digestion.
  • It provides you with the beautiful skin and hair(helps in reducing dandruff)
  • Helps in stimulating hemoglobin count


  • Since it has no fat in it ,it can be good snack for losing weight.
  • Rich source of fibers,diabetic patients can have it to satisfy their hunger.
  • Aids digestion.
  • Good source of powerful antioxidants ,helps in heart diseases by lowering blood pressure and decreasing cholesterol levels.


  • It is a source of antioxidants which helps in reducing inflammation,helpful in arthritis
  • Great source of potassium helps in reducing blood pressure
  • It is low in glycemic index which helps in reducing risk of diabetes
  • Good for skin,having Vitamin C helps in skin collagen.

8. Pomegranate

  • Best fruit for increasing the blood count.
  • It has inflammatory effect due to it's plants compound which helps in treating arthritis.
  • It quenches the thirst of the skin and makes it hydrated,it has Vitamin C in it.
  • It has antibacterial and anti fungal properties which promotes dental health.


  • It contains antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory effect,helps in diseases like arthritis.
  • It helps reduces blood pressure.
  • It also have heart protective properties.
  • It helps in boosting up after vigorous exercise.

10.Custard Apple

Custard Apple
  • Custard apple helps prevents heart issues due to rich in magnesium
  • Aids digestion.
  • Due to its dietary fibers it absorbs the blood sugar .
  • Full of antioxidants ,it helps in fighting cancer.
  • It's also good for pregnant ladies,as it helps in morning sickness,aids constipation,prevents gum problems in pregnancy.

There are many other fruits with their surprising health benefits.Make it your habit of including fruit in your everyday life.
Stay healthy , Stay active 😊

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